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Original Piano Music for Ballet Class
          Designed and Directed by Julia Bourlina
                    Composed and Played by Anna Korab

3-CD Set $60
About the CDs
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Perfect Class 1
Ballet Class Music CD 1
Ballet Class Music
Perfect Class 2
Ballet Class Music CD 2
Ballet Class Music
Perfect Class 3
Ballet Class Music CD 3
Ballet Class Music
 74+ minutes of incredible ballet class music on each CD!
Matching tracks so that preparing a class is 3 times easier!

About the CDs:

          “Anna composes and plays the music of life. She makes it sound fresh no matter how many times you hear it. Ballet teachers — if you want to get inspired while creating a new class for your students — listen to Anna's CDs!

          She will open this invisible door. She will invite you into her world, generously sharing her talent. You will be floating on the spirit of Gypsy passion. You will get to know the deep Slavic soul. You will enjoy spicy, unforgettable melodies.

          It was such an honor for me to realize this project with Anna Korab. She is a true artist, a top-class professional, and just a lovely person to work with.

          For several months before we went into the recording studio, Anna played and tested the music at hundreds of classes in New York City (where she is one of the best and most-loved pianists). At the same time, I worked with the music in my own classes in Los Angeles with children, adults and professionals.

          Finally, she and I picked the truly best to record. The result is 3 coordinated CDs where every track is original and vibrant — unmatched — unless, of course, Anna plays for you live!"    – J.B.          (back to top)

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About Julia Bourlina:

          Julia Bourlina studied under Kirov ballet master Ninella Kurgapkina and graduated from the Vaganova Academy of Classical Ballet in St. Petersburg, Russia, in 1984. For the next 12 years she performed at the Mariinsky Theatre and around the world with the Kirov Ballet & Opera Company. She has worked with international directors Julie Taymor, Oleg Ignatief, David Freeman and Natalia Volkova. Currently she teaches and choreographs in Los Angeles.          (Back to top)

About Anna Korab:

          Anna Korab has written music for film, theater, TV, stage and radio. She was music director of a grand performance at the United Nations, NYC, for "Zoran Gabor and His Fiery Gypsy Orchestra" in 1990. She has played for the "Trocaderos de Monte Carlo" and for ballet artists Vladimir Dokoudovsky, Igor Youskevitch, Nina Stroganova, Madame Pereyaslavec, Finis Jhung, David Howard, and Mikhail Baryshnikov. She is a member of ASCAP.          (Back to top)

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